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    Right.. I bought a secondhand iphone last week (my first iphone). Its a 2g 8gb, jailbroken and unlocked and i'm using it on o2 PAY AND GO. Since buying it, ive been having afew problems with the o2 signal strength (ive been on o2 for AGES and never had a problem with the signal). I went around to my mates tonight and while around there i tried to get onto safari but it kept saying:

    'you are not subscribed to a cellular data service'

    This has also came up while trying to text BUT my text messages have always gone through fine.

    I found the setting in 'network' for 'cellular data network' and my current settings were:


    My mate then put in the settings he was using on his (o2) LG phone, payandgo.co.uk.

    The phone started to pickup signal and i was able to connect to safari fine. I went around to my mates with £14.00 credit. After i quickly managed to connect to safari, i checked my credit and it had gone down to £12 something? (£2 just for checking safari!!!) I had only loaded a page on safari to make sure it was working, so i started to get alittle paranoid? Acouple of minutes later i checked my balance and it had gone down to £10 something. I then started to check through the phone to try and figure out what could have been using my credit, but to no joy. I then checked it AGAIN and it was down to £8 something. SOMETHING was using my credit AND FAST. I went back into the 'Cellular Data network' settings and clicked on 'reset settings', which set it back to idata.o2.co.uk. I then checked my balance and it had gone back UP (yes UP) to £10.04??????????? I'm calling O2 in the morning to get them to tell me where my credit went!!!!

    Does having the wrong 'cellular data details' interfer with the overall signal strength??? And what 'cellular data' details do i need for O2 Pay and Go??????

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    It all depends on your plan.

    I am not at all familiar with O2 but I used to use at&t prepay in the U.S. I had a limited data plan and used up my data. I checked my email and downloaded a picture and it ended up costing me like $18.00.

    I'd check what plan you have and what it covers as far as data; most of them charge by the kilobyte and it gets expensive quick.

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    I have an iPhone on O2 here in the UK. Regarding you losing credit when browsing with Safari on your iPhone, you are not on any Internet browsing tariff on O2. You must sign up to the O2 Web & Wi-Fi Bolt On for £10.00 a month to get unlimited Internet on your iPhone.

    If you do not sign up to this Bolt On then you get charged £3.00 per MB. (That's very expensive!)

    Then in Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network, use the following settings:


    APN: payandgo.o2.co.uk
    Username: payandgo
    Password: vertigo

    The idata.o2.co.uk network settings are for O2 Pay Monthly customers only and does not interfere with signals or anything related to it.

    Hope this helps but this is the only way!

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