what version jailbreak do you need for gpSPhone?

Discussion in 'Gameboy Advance emulator (gpSPhone)' started by echof0xtrot, Jan 2, 2008.

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    what version does your jailbroken ipod have to be in for gpSPhone to work?

    I have the GBA emulator installed (version 1.1.2) and have done all the necessary steps to put the ROMs onto the touch via SSH using Cute FTP pro. I had to create the ROMs and GBA folders, but was under the impression this would not cause a problem. Anyway, after doing all the necessary steps, I no longer get the "please add ROMs" message and am able to change settings and the like, but there still aren't any games in the list. all my settings are 755, and I am assuming the problem is that I am in jailbreak 1.1.1 and ipod touch version 1.1.1. if that is not the problem, then please someone suggest something!! Any help will be appreciated.
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    are the .gba files in separate folders? thats a no no.
    are the .gba still zipped up or rar-ed? thats a no no
    is it in /var/root/Media/ROMs/GBA with that exact capitalization?
    are your permissions set to 755?
    if you install gpsphone from installer the permissions are set already

    if your pod is jailbroken then it is jailbroken and it should work. it shouldnt matter what version


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