What the hell is iTunes doing with album art?

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by Spungo12, Aug 6, 2009.

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    I know this is long, but I'd appreciate any insight anyone could offer.

    I've been using MP3Gain to equalise the volume of all my songs, rather than mess around manually adjusting 1900 of them in iTunes. But the first attempt turned out to be a little high, introducing a smidge of distortion into quieter songs, so I re-regained them a db or two lower. But because MP3Gain works by embedding tags rather than changing the actual file, iTunes doesn't recognise that anything's different and won't refresh the track with the quieter version when I try to re-sync.

    I thought I'd outwitted it by applying a blanket tag change in iTunes to an unimportant field (I changed all the BPMs to 1) before re-syncing, whereupon the sync dutifully set about replacing the entire library. "Hurrah!", I thought, before checking and noticing that in fact it had in fact just taken 20 minutes to change the tags and nothing else, leaving the overloud songs still in place.

    "No problem", I thought cheerily, "I'll just delete the entire library and then re-add it - since iTunes will have embedded all the album art I've spent the last 24 hours fixing in the files, everything will be dandy."

    Fortunately, I'm not QUITE so colossal an idiot as that makes me sound, so I tested it with a couple of individual files first. And sure enough, whether you send files to the Recycle Bin, or delete them from the library but keep the file, all artwork info is lost as far as iTunes is concerned. The artwork IS still embedded in the files - you can see it in the library if you load them in Windows Media Player, though oddly WMP doesn't actually display it in the playlist bar - but if you load the file into iTunes they just magically disappear.

    So in essence, I have absolutely no way of adjusting the track gain unless I'm also prepared to manually fix over 800 pieces of artwork again.

    I don't think anyone's ever mentioned this before, but PC iTunes really is the most abysmal piece of dog toilet ever to be used by millions of people.

    (By way of illustration, here's a pic of one track that I found the artwork for myself and embedded manually using iTunes:

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    As you can plainly see, WMP registers that the album artwork is in there. However:

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    When I switch from the Library window to the main play window, the artwork has disappeared, to be replaced by the default blue note image. WTF? Where did it go?)

    Even more irritatingly, if I drag a piece of artwork into the "drop image here" box in WMP, it DOES display in the main play screen, and it also works properly if I then delete and re-add that song from iTunes. So it seems that iTunes has somehow embedded the image in some special useless manner that takes up the space, but doesn't actually function in any way. Did I mention that I hate iTunes?

    Anyone know what's going on here? Is there any way to make iTunes embed artwork into a song properly so that the stupid POS will still recognise it if you delete the song and add it again?
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    Tell me about it man, iTunes for PC is so bad optimized I'm in lack of words.

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