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    How to install Maps.app on the iPod touch
    September 8th, 2007 by admin

    In few easy steps, we will be copying the Google Maps.app from your iPhone so that you can use it on your iPod touch as well! While it is possible
    to obtain Maps.app without owning an iPhone, it may be illegal to do so because you do not have a license for the mobile Maps.app.

    Jailbreak your devices
    Jailbreak your iPhone (instructions coming soon) and your iPod touch (instructions here)

    Install SSH and SFTP on both devices
    Install SSH and SFTP on your iPhone and your iPod touch so that you can transfer files from them.

    Connect via SFTP to your iPhone

    Use an SFTP client such as Fugu, Fetch, or WinSCP and connect to the iPhone. Navigate to the /Applications directory.

    Copy the Google Maps application from the iPhone

    Drag Maps.app from the iPhone onto your Desktop.

    Connect to your iPod touch via SFTP
    Disconnect from your iPhone and use the same program as in step 3 to connect to your iPod touch. Navigate to the /Applications directory

    Copy the Maps application to the iPod touch
    Drag Maps.app from your Desktop to the iPod touch’s Application folder.

    Restart the iPod touch
    Turn the iPod touch off by holding the Lock button (upper right corner) and sliding the red slider when it appears. Turn it back on again by holding the Lock button. Maps should now be on your Springboard!

    its on http://www.hacktheipodtouch.com/install-application/maps/google-maps-app-on-ipod-touch
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    If you read about Jailbreaking on that site it states -
    NOTE: THIS PROCESS IS NOT CURRENTLY WORKING. The instructions below are based on the iPhone process. According to multiple sources, the iPod touch shares software and has very similar hardware, so these instructions should be close to the final version; that being said, please note that these are provisional and are being updated as info becomes available. If you have any corrections or updated information for this process, please discuss this on our forum or leave a comment here!


    But, this should work soon enough since 1.1.1 has been jailbroken!
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    ... owned.

    well you should have done a lot of research back then.

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