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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by bahamutspirit, Jul 16, 2010.

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    ...is actually because of some real hardware defects that only occur when the manufacturing process isn't precise enough?

    So technically, on papers, it would be possible to manufacture the iPhone 4 so that the internals are arranged in a way that would block any significant interference with the antenna. But since they have to manufacture these in large mass, they can't be bothered with 1mm difference in sizing of components, and just assembled the phones anyway?

    Say, it's just like some iPhones and iPod Touches have perfectly snug-fit home buttons, while others are a bit loose. Usually in past devices, these cutting problems were not a big issue but in the iPhone 4 when everything is a snug fit and precision is the top-most priority, that difference caused the antenna to be shorted when gripped and in the end resulted in the significant signal loss whereas by design, it couldn't have been that bad?

    Don't know, just a thought... since not everyone is affected. I'm not affected for one, but I know some people who are affected, and they bought theirs the same day I did.

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