What exactly happens when we jailbreak ? (n00b question)

Discussion in 'iPod touch 1.1.x Jailbreak' started by neo_natasha, May 1, 2008.

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    What exactly happens ? We get read write access to our os files and ?

    And tell me one more thing.. When you jailbreak a 1.1.4 touch what are the icons that appear after jailbreaking other than the installer.. Cause today i installed some tool called poof to view hidden icons and i was able to see mobile music and some 4 or 5 more icons which are present in the iphone.. And also when i jailbroke my touch it took longer than expected so i disconnect ed the touch n rebooted... nothing happned everything went just fine.. is it ok ? (used ziphone )

    Even after jailbreaking i dint get the wiggle option and multi screen option ( wherein you can scoll your basic display and u can keep seperate pages for different types of icsons ) I saw that in the iphone... cant we touch users have tah t?
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    instead of answering each question, I'll tell you the story

    Jailbreaking is centred around installer.app (which you know about), when we jailbreak, we have the option to SSH (which means access files inside the iPod touch OS) the reason for SSHing is to change images of certain things on the iPod (slider logos, themes, apps etc

    The wiggle function is a software upgrade made for iPod touch and iPhone, released in January, and is available for purchase through iTunes at £ 12.99 ($20) and this upgrade requires firmware 1.1.3/1.1.4. It includes many other features aswell. You can get it free through Installer app though, by add ipodtouchmasters source or any other source that has the software upgrade for free on it. Look around the threads to find details on how to ssh etc, or PM me for more help
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    If you must know the real use/definition:

    Jailbreak is a term used to define the opening up of the iphone/ipod's filesystem for read/write access, allowing the user to add or remove things from the filesystem itself, mainly with the help of installer.app, an application allowing you to customize your device with applications, tweaks, etc through wifi
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    if your iPod works fine, assume it is. If it starts acting up in unusual ways you can always restore.

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