What earphones/mic would you guys recommend?

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    Would you guys recommend an earbud/mic set for me? My budget is around $50. I don't personally like ones with silicon tips, because they cause discomfort and I can hear a weird noise when I move or tap on the cord. and the plain earbud type won't stay in my ear. I like the "around the ear" design, but I'm having a hard time finding those in my price range. Locally, all I can find are the original Apple ones with mic, and an Auvio set from radio shack (side story, the guy i talked to had never heard of them, but 5 minutes later he compared them to Bose quality.. They were only $35).. slightly less local, at Bestbuy, all I can find are a Shure set for 90, and Bose for 130..

    I'm not necessarily looking for the best sound quality. Just something to use at the office to drown out the talking and stuff, and to talk on the phone while I'm driving...
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