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Discussion in 'iTunes App Store Games & Apps' started by DeadlyD™, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. DeadlyD™

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    Jul 21, 2009
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    Ok I was just wondering what apps I should get from my list below? As you can see it comes to almost $50 dollars worth of apps, and I don't have all that money. So please just say which apps you think I should get. Thanks!

    Also is Assassins Creed worth all the hype it got? Is it still worth $5? Because I'm not sure its so worth it any more.

    Assassin Creed- $4.99
    Pocket God- $.99
    Stick wars-$.99
    Wolfenstein RPG-$2.99
    Modern Combat: Sandstorm-$6.99
    Line Rider iRide-$2.99
    Car Jack Streets-$2.99
    The Wars-$.99
    Blades of Fury-$6.99
    Brothers In Arms-$4.99
    Mini Gore-$.99
    Cartoon Wars-$.99
    Dungeon Hunter-$6.99
    The Quest- Islands of Ice and Fire-$2.99

  2. Tsukoi

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    May 29, 2009
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    Assassin Creed- Have it, didn't like it.
    Pocket God- Have it, LOVE It. - Well worth the Price.
    Stick wars-Have it. - It's fun for the first few days.
    Wolfenstein RPG- Don't have it.
    Modern Combat: Sandstorm- Have it. GREAT Game, Amazing Graphics.
    Line Rider iRide- Have it. - Great to whip out and play, whether you have 60 Seconds or 60 Minutes.
    Car Jack Streets- Don't have it.
    The Wars- Don't have it.
    Blades of Fury- Have it. - Love it. - Great replay value.
    Brothers In Arms- Don't have it.
    Mini Gore- Have it. - Love it. - Great to whip out and play.
    iGanster- Don't have it.
    Cartoon Wars- Don't have it.
    Dungeon Hunter- Don't have it, but heard it's good.
    The Quest- Don't have it.
  3. imranh101

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    Jun 10, 2009
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    Assassin Creed- Don't have it, had the Nintendo DS version, this is somewhat similar - for $4.99, go ahead n get it
    Pocket God- Had it cause everyone likes it - HATE it. ALL you do is kill islanders. All your friends will be like "OMG, Do you have pocker god its so fuuuuun" and you'll be saying "STFU noob its STUPID" and then if they ever get an ipod they'll then be like "Dude... You were right, its RETARDED!"
    Stick wars - Great! If you want, you can look up lite version and try free first, but I really liked it

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    Wolfenstein RPG- No clue
    Modern Combat: Sandstorm- Fun, but not sure if its worth $6.99 :/
    Line Rider iRide- Fun, but hard to do much of anything on the iphone version - I wouldn't get it
    Car Jack Streets-$REALLY good

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    Stay's good for a while too - also, look into another similar game called "Payback", its i think another $2 but a LOT better and has some 3D too!
    The Wars- Never head of it
    Blades of Fury- Dont have it
    Brothers In Arms- Dont have it
    Mini Gore- Dont have it
    iGanster- Im guessing thats just another dumb "MMO" game that tells you about becoming a gangster recruiting people, etc. but all it is is like the stupid "Mobster" games on facebook and myspace - I hate em, but you might like em
    Cartoon Wars-Good, I liked stickwars better
    Dungeon Hunter-Never played
    The Quest- Islands of Ice and Fire-Never played
  4. ChrisL

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    Jul 26, 2008
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    from your list.. ive only played pocket god (cause of all the hype) and minigore..
    i say yes to both
    theres no actual point to pocket god.. but i guess if youre really bored..
    minigore is really fun, no story to it though

    i recommend alive 4ever, same controls as minigore, but has quests, you can buy new guns and its more of a challenge cause you need to reload and you can run out of ammo.. lol
    i also recommend max injury, really simple game, but it wastes a lot of my time.. in a good way lol
  5. S.I.D. CrAzY

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    Apr 2, 2009
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    Answers in quote

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    I'd also like to recommend Meteor Blitz, it's an awesome dual stick shooter. Similar to Super Stardust.

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  6. deaduck3

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    Jun 13, 2009
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    assassins creed was gay.
    your list is pretty good i'm just gunna say what don't get.

    car jack streets
    assassins creed

    everything else is awesome.

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