What about the bootloader?

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    All the posts I read so far suggest that the OS is almost the same...

    Therefore, I must ask, what if you 1.1.4 flashes the EEPROM, the bootloader or some iBook component internal to the s5l8900?

    Having worked in security, it seems obvious that our realtime clocks could easily trigger a feature we don't yet anticipate. An upgrade that wreaked havoc with jailbreak would most effectively trigger after time passed to allow others to download unknowingly.

    Ive avoided upgrading past 1.1.2 once Apple stopped those modifying the kernel. Why not let us access USB and write drivers.

    Seriously, though, be careful as a downgrade might not roll back every component of a particular upgrade, and a secret payload with a time delay fuse would be a smart move.

    Maybe the ask release date is encoded in the firmware already! Rumor, right?

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