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    I just downloaded/installed "Shrink" which shrinks the icons on the springboard. Well I didn't like it, so I undid the shrunken icons and uninstalled Shrink.

    Now, the "default" dock image(cheese grater) is set as my dock, and it should be showing the Glasklart dock. I have no clue what's going on: I made sure that "Glasklart Alt Dock" was enabled and on top of everything in WInterboard, and I SSH'd and made sure it was still on my iPod and it still is. I also reinstalled the Glasklart theme, resprung, and restarted my iPod and the Glasklart dock is still not showing. Can you guys help me get it back?

    Pics for clarification(ignore the different icon layouts, I had it changed way before this problem started):
    Before the problem(With Glasklart Alt Dock):

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    Now with the default dock, which I can't remove

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    Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it

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    EDIT: I also just noticed that "Battery Control" isn't working. It is enabled in settings, too. You can see, in the first pic how the battery isn't shown but in the second pic, that battery is shown, and I haven't changed any settings.

    Another thing: Maybe 10 minutes ago, whenever I tried to reorder my icons, my iPod would go into sleepmode. After uninstalled Shrink, I was able to reorder my icons again. Hmmmm...

    Another EDIT: I reinstalled Shrink and it brought the Glasklart dock back. I uninstalled Shrink once more and it once again, brought the default dock back(not the glasklart dock). I have no clue what to do, other than just keeping Shrink on my iPod and not using it...
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    Searched everywhere and couldn't find a fix so I thought I'd just change the default dock image.

    I replaced "SBDockBG.png" and "SBDockBG2.png" in the folder "/system/library/coreservices/" with the custom dock image found in the Glasklart theme. The only problem I see is having to do this everytime you install a new theme, which isn't a huge deal, since I don't plan on changing from Glasklart in a while

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    All fixed up, I can sleep now:

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