weDict Language-to-Language Dictionaries not found in Installer

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    I'm going to start this off this thread and hopefully it will help out a few people before it gets lost amongst the pages of other threads. I am suggesting that we attach Language-to-Language dictionaries to this thread that can not be found in the Installer app. I will start off by attaching English-to-German, German-to-English, English-to-Spanish, and Spanish-English dictionaries. Simply unzip the attached files and SSH them to the ‘/private/var/root/Library/weDict’ folder of your iPod Touch to access them with the weDict app.

    Please read my tutorial on how to find, download and install dictionaries not found in the Installer app if you'd like to contribute. Your attachments are limited to 1.92mb per file, but the dictionary files are compressed about 50% by putting them in a .zip file.

    The reason I think this thread can be useful is because everyone doesn't have the ability or technical know how to decompress the files involved (anyone using Windows with WinRar or 7-Zip and Linux users should have no problem).

    If you are a Mac user looking for a specific dictionary, hopefully someone will attach it here so that I can stop getting PM's asking for dictionaries (perform an act of random kindness and it can come back to haunt you).

    Once this thread gets pushed to the back pages, that'll be it because a lot of people don't use the search function as we all know. I just hope that it helps out a few people before that happens.

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