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    Oct 14, 2007
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    ok so I got this webcam app fat let's u watch webcams and add custom ones. I was wondering how to get my webcam to work with it. To add a webcam it asks dr the website and stuff. What do I put in the website slot? I want to be able to see my webcam when I'm at work
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    Oct 28, 2007
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    I got that app for the same reason, but couldnt make it work. but I found a great solution.

    install the program YAWCAM - is a really simple free webcam software. you can choose how you want streaming to work, make it snap pics and videos when it detects movement, and make it start hidden (taskbar icon or not) you can also set a password for the streams (recommended, it got a little glitchy with no password)

    It also has a button that tells you the addresses that you use to view the stream on a local network or another network.

    so I set the software to start up hidden with streaming on. I bookmarked the addresses for the feeds on my ipod, and I can view them from anywhere! and if you want, you can make them a favelet on your home screen so its an app!)

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