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Discussion in 'Mobile Web Development' started by xlordt, Jan 10, 2010.

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    I am creating an IPhone web app that will require a database connection. Right now I am using dashcode.. anyone know how I can achieve this? maybe using a php script as api?
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    This is a right iphone database connection.
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    Re : web app database connection

    Not the best of setups I would say...

    All you really need to do is to change the connection string. However, it does not end there... You need to configure your server to accept connections from the internet.

    How to connect to SQL Server over Internet

    Connecting to your SQL Server over the internet has the following problems:

    1) Connectivity - before we go any further... your office server needs to have a global IP address. You can easily get one though, but you will need to beef up security and set up firewalls and stuff....

    2) Security -You need to open up various ports on your firewall which could pose a threat.

    3) Connectivity - Unless your website does not really need to get lots of data from the database... you willl need a reasonably fast internet connection.

    A better option is to use one of the millions of hosting providers that allow .NET and SQL Server databases. I am actually quite sure your hosting provider would provide SQL Server if they are providing ASP.NET.

    If on the other hand your main concern is that you want to update the website database with data from the office in real time, then I would suggest database replication. You could also write a small application that sends database updates to the website database using web services or something.


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