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Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by aasimbeck, Dec 9, 2007.

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    i keep trying to use mnplight to move my music from downloads to my ipod app, but it wont work, i have an idea though. it creates a new file called itunesdb.orig, and that must be the name of theitunes db on the iphone rihgt? well in the apps file there is a string of text below it is bold. i tried to erase that .orig part but it makes safari say cannot connect to server or somthing of the such. so i think we only have two options, figure the below code out, or make the itunes app run off of the .orig file. Please give any suggestions

    7U2Fichier audio MPEG7Fichier vidéo Quicktime1Fichier audio AAC4Fichier vidéo MPEG-4#aac#m4v#mov#mp3#mp4°>U$ 4PM$ 3PM$ VOM$ V4M$ CAA0New track ID %d
    - Title: [%s]
    . Artist: [%s]
    &Unknown file type extensions for [%s]
    %.orig3Saving iTunesDB...
    5iPod Tunes updated
    %!2Saving OnTheGo...
    9iPod On-The-Go updated

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