wather.app and maps.app not working

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by clairex3, Dec 11, 2007.

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    Before I go on, I shall explain everything I did starting from the moment I got my ipod. It's going to be really loose explanations so if you want me to expand and be more detailed on anything tell me please

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    1. got my ipod touch (16GB)

    2. jailbroke it (used a site that I can't find now, but if you need to jailbreak use: http://www.touchdev.net/wiki/Jailbreak_1.1.2)

    3. Synced music and photos and videos

    4. Began to download many apps which worked fine, but I did recieve messages such as :"Low disk space, please delete photos/vides" or something. At first I chose to ignore this because it didn't seem like a big deal but then it began to bug me.

    5. So I went to a site in order to fix that,
    (can't find the site nw but if you want to fix it use this site: http://www.iphoneatlas.com/2007/12/10/low-disk-space-error-with-third-party-iphone-apps-fix/)

    6. So I opened up terminal on my ipod touch which is an app i installed from installer and I did as the site said

    7. I guess I typed something weird so when I clicked the Home Button my ipod just like died. Like I had ZERO apps

    8. I restored my ipod touch

    9. I re-jailbroke it

    10. I then went back to the site and followed the directions but did it on winscp instead of terminal.app

    11. I installed all apps to sucess except that weather.app and maps.app wont work

    I'm thinking that on step 10 when I followed the directions of the site that messed something up because basically I moved where the apps would download into so that there would be more space for it and also because after that it wouldnt work, but the first time I jail-broke my phone it worked.
    ^ Sorry if that sounds rambly, Lol

    Also when I go into weather.app it's all whiteish then goes bac to my springboard.
    For maps.app it works but I don't see the map and then it freezes and goes back tospring board.

    So anyway, it would be great if anyone could help me
    Thanks in Advance

    ps) I'd also like to know where I can download good slider pictures, and others things for the customize.app :]

    SO BASICALLY I neeed...
    - to find out what caused the damage
    - how to fix the damage
    - where to download good things for the customize application
    Thanks in Advance Again :]]]
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