Wat apps do you have, and what do you think of them

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by mateo, Jun 11, 2008.

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    iPod touch
    heres an idea
    how about we all list the apps we have on our ipods/iphones, and rate them
    just list your apps, then put a number from 1-10 next to it, with 10 being awesome and 1 being crappy
    this will help everyone to know wat apps are good and which ones suck without having to intall, then respring then check out the app, then uninstall or keep
    also leave out default apps like safari, youtube, settings
    also u can put notes about the app next to it

    i have like 5 pages of apps
    some apps are really good
    and some i almost feel like uninstalling
    heres my list

    touchpad pro 10- awesome- i cracked it so now i get screenview free,
    not that gud without screenview
    islsk 10- u can download music
    finder 9- filebrowser is bettter
    ttr 8- awesome, hard to get songs
    nes 10
    iphysics 10- best app out there
    photoboard 7- cool, but i don really use it much
    sketches 8- mostly for show
    stumbler 8- helpful in choosing wifi network
    books 7- gud, but i dont use it much
    wedict 7- again i don use it much
    sysinfo 10- awesome!!
    wallpaper 9- interesting
    waves 9- really cool toy
    tris 9- better cause u use your fingers
    tetrimino 7- same as tris, but with buttons
    isolitare 6- depends on how much u like solitare
    cubic man 9- interesting, kinda hard
    superpong 5- u wont play it much
    mines 6- its just mines
    ballfight 8- interesting, origianl, an u can play with friends
    gemlogic 8- its just bejeweled
    evolution rgb 9- sand on steriods, usses the accelerometer
    pool 7
    todolist 8- reminds u bout stuff
    terminal ?- cool, but i dont know any commands
    yes/no 10- helps u make random desicions
    music quiz 6- this should have ben there already
    lights off 9- fun, original
    apollo 10- though it doesnt seem to work on 1.1.4
    text edit 8- cant get it to save
    ilevel 9- its a gud level
    bosstool 10- lets u get moar apps
    lockbox 10- save passwords
    category 7- not that useful
    collage 2- wtf is this
    appflow 5- cover flow for apps
    intelliscreen 4- kinda cool, but not customizable enough
    services 5- only usefull for turining ssh on/off
    bossprefs ?- dont use
    timemachine 10- cool idea, havent needed it yet
    phone zap ?- ipod touch so ringtones r irrelevent
    isnake 10- snake using acc., plus cool physics toy after u die
    kate 1- cant even use trial?
    hockey 6
    hockey 6- keep both fingers on
    acc. log 4- neat but kinda useless
    band 10- awesome
    av player ?-idk wat this does
    amaze 9- same as labyrinth

    wow that took longer than i thought
    u can just do some of your apps
    or just the ones that u think are pretty good
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    Dude, nice guide concise answers, i'll post my thoughts on my apps, let's wait for a veteran to confirm something like this doesn't already exist i.e. there isn't another thread like this one.

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