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    hey i made this theme in like less than a day for my friend kyle. I took the icons off a website resized them and then converted them to png so i didnt do a whole lot. I also got the wallpaper off a website and put it in the theme. He just got his ipod and is stoked about warhammer online so i just threw this theme together really quickly. I know there is a major lack of icons for the theme and the reason is because he doesnt do a whole lot of stuff on his ipod and he never installs any other apps so i just made icons for each app he has on his ipod. unfortunately also i was not able to change the permissions for the theme because i currently dont have my ipod(only get on weekends) so if you put it on your ipod remember to change all the icons to 0755 and the wallpaper also to 0755. Plz remember that i made this theme for my friend and i thought to post it up for any warhammer junkies so please no flaming. Thanks guys!

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