Warcraft Rap by Remy

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    I don't know if anyone has seen this video on YouTube or not, but I thought it was hilarious.. Basically a song in tribute to World of Warcraft.. Its a pretty old video, but ever time I see it, it always makes me laugh..

    Getting home from school and my brain is full
    Grab a cup o' cup o' noodles and a can of Red Bull
    I'm Warcrafting y'all, and I can't just stop
    Because I'm chillin' with my homies up in Azeroth

    So I'm calling all my friends cuz they know what to do
    Yo, Remz, you online? Nah, I'm waiting in a queue
    I'm thinking I'm-a duel ya, I'm thinking I'm-a hurt ya
    They call me Andre Agassi, I dominate this server

    I'm a level 30 human, and I'm spec'd to kill
    I ain't gotta camp your corpse, but I expect I will
    Shooting shadow magic all up into your head
    Because I got more spell than an Indian kid

    Remz, dig it, did you get your tickets to prom?
    Man, I ain't got a girlfriend, I got a CD-ROM
    Ain't got time for girls, food or bathroom breaks
    I got a dragon cave I have to raid today

    I'm a warlock trained, doing raids for money
    Hold my breath for 10 and my pee for 20
    Got my armor on and yo it's you I'll finish
    So much purple on, you'd think my name was Grimace

    Buying armor yo like it's deductible
    I got more Hillman clothes than Cliff Huxtable
    A big spender with vendors and yo you can't believe
    I got more gold in tow than yo this rapper's teeth

    More XP than Windows, heal like stilettos
    Dealing herb in the Stormwind ghetto
    Load you with dots, like Kaposi's sarcoma
    What you gonna type, noob? LFG Gnomer?

    See you in PvP
    Think you're leet, but you're not
    Patati et patata.

    Momma calls me down for dinner, ain't got time to eat
    Unless I'm eating cave mold and I ain't on my feet
    She keeps calling, but I gotta keep far from her
    Because you know I level more than a carpenter

    I'm in a cave with some friends and I'm busy killing mobs
    I call this place Terrell Owens cuz it's got so many drops.
    Hit you with my magic wand, I see you trying not to weep
    If you're nice I'll spare your life and turn you into a sheep

    In the BG's, trying to defend the gold mine
    Place is like a single's bar, everybody's 39
    Oh, you're drinking buffs, that's how you got so cool.
    You don't replenish mana drinking hater-ade, fool.​

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