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Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by jchaike, Aug 24, 2008.

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    Okay, so you got me;
    This isn't a TRUE Windows SDK Release.
    However, it belongs here, because I have for you 2 things:
    1) The opportunity to test the GUI (UNFINISHED) for the Windows SDK
    2) The opportunity to VOTE weather the application's source code should be released or not.

    A little about Windows SDK
    Windows SDK was started off by jchaike (me), Chris Stroud, and GoJohnnyBoi. Later on, iPodTouchMaster was going to help us with the actual Objective C part of the SDK, but we never got to the point where iPodTouchMaster was needed.

    About the complete-ness of the code
    As of now, we currently have and unfinished GUI.
    The GUI code is enough to have whoever downloads this able to finish up. There are around (I could be wrong) 25 different objects, and I have only coded adding in 3 to the window interface.
    As of now, the only features that are in the SDK are:
    -Lose Descriptions for each object
    -Double click to add
    -Hover over effects
    -Move around the GUI
    -Semi-Idiot Proof
    -Library Window, Settings Window (just looks, doesnt do anything), iPhone/iPod Window.

    Why stop making it?
    Time. Me, Chris, and Johnny were busy doing a bunch of other things. Chris with his awesome iPhone Utility, me with my Tap Maker, JohnnyBoi with porting 2.0 apps.
    We are at a dead point, but I am sure as a community, if you guys decide you want it, it can be completed

    Will this work with 2.0?
    Beats me =P
    It was originally going to be designed for 1.1.4 (this is before 1.1.5 was released), so it is completely possible to be 2.0 compatible.

    What is this coded in?
    W1ND0Z3 SDK was coded with Visual Basic 6 (SP6), but I am aware that you can convert older Visual Basic code to Visual Basic Express 2008 code. I am not sure how well this works, and I am satisfied with VB6, and I will be staying there.

    Screen shot:
    Here is a simple screen shot of the application in use:

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    Just clearing that up.

    So get voting, and if you want anymore information, I would be glad to give you as much as I possibly can.

    Also,if you decide to take up the code, I would be glad to help you along with the project, but I just can't have it be one of my priorities anymore.

    If you decide to release this project, it is REQUIRED that you give credit to jchaike and Chris Stroud.
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    Nice work!

    Although you can skin the app itself, without having an entire theme.

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