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    Having an on-line call, you will encounter such a case. There is no device to record your conversation, then some important messages that you want to have a listen later will be missing.
    Now, you need not to worry about such a case. What you need is to install software called Instant Watcher. By install Instant Watcher, all pc based (pc to pc, pc to phone, phone to pc) VoIP calls can be recorded. There are all also many others functions like adding emotional voice and background music to your record. All these functions will make your conversation record funny
    Send voice emotions to partners during a call
    • Share music with your partners
    • Text to speech translation (you type, he/she listen)
    • Record calls in perfect quality
    • Start and complete recording fully automatically
    • Take memo/note while recording a call
    • Audio greeting message at beginning a call
    • Compatible with all VoIP clients and voice enabled IMs
    • Ability to run as a background service(in stealth mode)
    • Make enterprise VoIP recording solutions

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    Link to Instant Watcher
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