Vodafone Australia FINALLY launch Visual Voicemail

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  1. Katryss

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    Sep 27, 2007
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    iPhone 5S
    Just received an SMS from VodaAU announcing Visual Voicemail support for their Australian iPhone customers.

    Follow link for details:


    Visual Voicemail

    Please Register or Log in to view images

    Please Register or Log in to view images

    Choose which messages you want to hear first
    With the Visual Voicemail application, you can see exactly who left a message and when they left it. All the info is right there on your screen. With one touch you’ll be able to jump to the most important messages first, or even skip messages completely.
    It’s a simple idea that means you don’t have to listen through all your messages just to get to the ones you know you want to hear.
    And because Visual Voicemail is totally in sync with your normal 121 Voicemail, your iPhone will always know exactly which messages you’ve already listened to, no matter how you access them.
    How do you get Visual Voicemail?
    Easy. Your iPhone will be automatically updated – whether you’re an existing or new iPhone customer. But first you’ll have to install the latest software. It’s free to download and it’s simple – here’s how:

    1. Synchronise your iPhone with iTunes
    2. Check for updates and download the latest software update
    3. Turn your iPhone off and back on
    If you have any trouble, please just call the contact centre on 1555 for help.
  2. Spartigus

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    Mar 2, 2008
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