Visual Effects on your iPhone with CameraMagic LITE!

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    Visual Effects for iPhone with CameraMagic LITE!

    Visual effects on any picture with CameraMagic LITE (FREE)

    CameraMagic comes with an arsenal of pre-created images (layers) that you can add to your own pictures and create interesting visual effects.

    Among these images you will find: dozens of UFOs, military weapons and vehicles, jet fighters, Solar System planets, Deep Space objects (galaxies, comets, etc.), NASA experimental planes and much more.

    The lite version comes with 10 objects. The full comes with 126 objects (50 free and 76 you can optionally buy - in-app purchase).

    Here you have the free version
    Visual Effects with CameraMagic LITE

    I hope you guys like!

    Please review it on the store.

    please don't forget to rate and review it on iTunes. Nobody is doing this and this help me to improve the application. Thanks.

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