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    Ok I managed to download a pirated copy of Windows Vista Home Premium for my almost 3 year old Toshiba Qosmio f25 Laptop. I have absolutely NO complaints! It doesn't crash on every program I run constantly like XP, it looks great, its everything XP but the more updated, modern, and easy to use version with out the constant freezes and crashes. IMO I love it so far. And I'm not saying BAM its better than OSX since I've never owned a copy. I'll update you guys in a week or so! Give me your opinions..

    EDIT: Don't hate why I downloaded a pirated copy, its just to test and will be off my computer in less than a month. I wanted to test it because originally I was hoping to get a Macbook only because of OSX but the price is a big disadvantage. So if I like Vista alot I will probably end up buying a HP laptop. Thx for the concerns!

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