Vista + itunes 8 - Possible solution to probs

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    Hi all,

    I thought I would share this with all who may experience difficulties or problems with installing itunes8 with vista.

    Basically I had terrible problems getting itunes8 to respond and work. Among my many problems was itunes would not open due to something in Vista preventing it doing so (sorry I cant remember the security feature which was blocking itunes) and after countless installing and uninstalling.. it just would not work!

    By further googling the problem, I eventually came across this website:

    Now I am afraid I am no techy, but using this "seamless" installer worked a treat with NO probns whatsoever.. and my itunes still works fine and works without probs with my touch. As far as I am aware basically its a kinda stripped down installer which removes the bonjour service as well as other "non essential stuff".. here's the modifications:

    Modifications: No Bonjour service, no iTunesHelper or iPodService at startup and no MobileMe support.

    Please bare in mind that you do need to use the Quicktime alternative for this, but for me that aint no problem.

    Anyway thought this may help others who perhaps are stuck with a vista installation problem or a glitchy itunes8. Hopefully it works for you the same as it does for me... with no problems.

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