Videos cannot be played after POOF'n !! plz help!! :(

Discussion in 'iPod touch Firmware 2.X Jailbreak' started by rockinteen, Oct 15, 2008.

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    Oct 13, 2008
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    heloo ppl out there!!
    plss help me!!
    its like...i got this ipod touch which is 16gb with 2.0.2 FW and is jailbroken!!
    i insatlled many cracked apps and games and was having realy fun!

    But..i want a app for hiding videos very badly..and searched many webs n all..n still dint find..but then..i came across a post in this site askn to use "POOF"..

    so i downloaded "POOF" using CYDIA..
    and when i opend the POOF app...they showd a list of apps that i have with options to HIDE OR UNHIDE!
    i could find all my apps in the list..EXCEPT the VIDEO APP!!
    but instead..i found a NEW APP in it named as i HIDE the ipod app..
    and resprung my springboard...
    and it worked!! THE VIDEO AND MUSIC app was hidden!!

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    but later..when i opend POOF..and UNHIDE IPOD APP....the MUSIC N VIDEO APP WAS back on my springboard...and when i open the video app..i can see all the thumbnails of the videos..but when i open em..i get a warning shown " THIS MOVIE COULD NOT BE PLAYED "!!!!

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    i hve no idea wt hppnd!!

    and later when i cnnctd my ipod to videos..i can see the title of the videos...but cant be opend..and i can see an "!" mark next to the title...
    and in my ipod properties..they show 2.6 GB space used by videos!!!

    is there anyway to get back this videos?
    if nt possible..atleast help me to delet them by SSH..!( i wana know where the video i can delet em by ssh'ing )

    plss help ppl!!!!


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    thx in advance!!
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    plzz help!!!

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