Videora for converting dvds to the touch?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by adamgalas, Sep 11, 2008.

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    So I unistalled my videora nano and installed videora touch but I am shocked at the file sizes. A 50 minutes TV show after being 21% converted is 175 Mb. This means the entire episode would be 833 Mb.

    Episodes for my Nano were 310 Mb, episodes from Itunes were about 500-550 Mb.

    Is something wrong with my version of videora? Or is it normal for the file to be so much bigger than that from Itunes?

    My greatest concern is that, with 883 Mb, and only 7 gig of free space, suddenly my Ipod can only hold 8 episodes, where my Nano 3g, (4Gb) could hold 11.

    I never thought that 8 GB would be "too small for me", (I actually bought a 2nd gen Nano with 2 GB memory and swore that I would never be able to fill it) but if the file sizes are this enormous than I may have to bite the bullet and go with the 16 GB, which can hold 18 episodes at these enormous file sizes.

    Does anyone know why the files are so big? Is it because the screen is bigger, ie something to do with the touch itself? Has anyone else converted tv show episodes to the touch via Videora? How big were your files?

    Am I panicking over nothing?
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    I'm not an expert or anything but bitrates and resolution can make a BIG difference on file sizes. See if Videora has options to lower them and then start testing lower bit rates and resolutions on a small (5 min or less) video file and see how the file size works out AND how it looks on the ipod. Since the screen is smaller you can get away with lower bitrates... but you don't want to butcher them TOO much.

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    And don't forget to keep the original video files intact... you WILL notice drastic changes with lower bitrates on your larger computer monitor.

    PS This was probably the wrong forum to post this to.

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