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    hey touch fans, I've been a long time fan of portable media devices. had a PSP for a while that I used to play video on primarily but from the first time I saw the touch I knew I would get one as soon as they come out, lol....

    anyways, I'm bit of a self confessed video editing/compression fan and have been into mpeg4 way back in the day when it was a micosoft codec before being "hacked" to become divx. since then h264 has pretty much taken over as the video compression that's dominant in the mobile market (all mobile phone stuff is H264, next gen video(HD-DVD, Blueray)is H264.

    H264 is a bit confusing though as a codec for me since there are now so many bloody options and settings to manipulate it for each target device. This is why so many DVD-to whatever software programs are so popular these days since they take a lot of guess work out of it.

    I like to use open source tools and have developed ipod touch profiles for MeGUI that can give some great quality conversions for really small file sizes. I'll post up some scripts soon.

    Does anyone else use open source tools and play around with the H264 codec? Or are we all mp4 GUI noobs? lol...



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