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Discussion in 'Application Ideas' started by dinomight, May 15, 2008.

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    So I have a few docks for my old ipod with video out. Problem is with my touch it doesn't work. This is due to the fact that apple now makes their video cable with a drm chip that tells the ipod to enable video out. These old docks and cable do not have this chip and thus are useless to me now.

    I read online that some people were able to get around this by plugging in a dock or cable with the chip (which then enabled video out), started a movie and then unpluged from the dock/cable and plugged into an old dock/cable without the chip. Since the movie started playing with video out it continued to play on the old style cables just fine. This would indicate to me that the old cables/docks are totally compatible the newer ipods, and that all you really need to do is tell the ipod to turn on the video output in software.(unless the very unlikely chance that the chip in the new cables actually contains application code that it sends to the ipod that is later run. but like i said i seriously doubt they would do that).
    It would only stand to reason that this is a software issue, and that all we need is 1 or a few things.
    1. Build our own little chip in a passthough dock connector. (possible but requires actually building something and possibly marketing it.)
    2. Sending signals to the input devices in software that emulate what the cable chip sends to the ipod thus enabling video output(software application would be written to do this).
    3. Finding what happens when a chipped cable is connected. What application is run or what setting is set in memory or on the device is change. Once found all we would need to do is change that setting or run that application from within a written application.

    I really like the idea of #3 as it would be the easiest to write, #2 is also good but might not be possible. #1 is definitely possible but I'd rather have a software only solution.

    Now I think this would be a very helpful application. I'd love to write it but seeing as how I've not ever done any ipod development i don't know where or how to start. I'd love it if some ipod developer familiar with it's development or hardware or os could help me out or point me in the direction i should go. Also anyone interested in this kind of thing let me know. Or anyone who has a spare chipped cable that they could lend (to be returned when application is finished or one they want to donate ) I'd appreciate it.
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    if it costs me more than $50 to research and develop this, than I could just buy a cable

    I've never heard of swapping plugs while playing. however I have been looking into thos, and any 'trick' than involves unpluggin/replugging will be patched by Apple soon. yes they are forcing you into buying a new cable.

    heres some info: the iphone has a plug-n-play type of system called `Lingo`, which is first notified by plug-in. the actual connection is identified by the process `IAPD`, which is always running, and pops up the message about not compatible plugs. I've been looking for places to patch the system, but nothing yet.

    for me the cable was a necessity on my new hdtv, component YBR (angry that it doesnt do progresssive scan)

    check the grey market, there's sure to be cheap versions of the offical plug soon

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