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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by barlow, Mar 13, 2010.

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    Mar 13, 2010
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    I’ve had an 8gb Itouch for 24 hours and am ready to throw the thing against the wall in frustration. I’ve never bough an Apple product before, but thought that they are supposed to be easy to use. Hah! The documentation is like a phonebook yey it doesn’t explain how to do the basic stuff, except for listening to music or watching videos, etc. These are not why I bought the thing. I want to use it as a Skype phone, get on the interest and be able to read documents.

    I’ve spend 6 searching the internet hours trying to find answers. It’s hopeless. The information is out of date and assumes that you are a already an expert and that you know 99% of the answer already. There seems no consideration by Apple or anyone else that not everyone lives and breathes this stuff.

    I’m appealing for help here before I give up and return it.

    1. I haven’t a clue why I can't get on to my wireless Speedstream 6520 network, which is WPA-SPK encrypted. I know computers very well but know next to nothing about networks. The Itouch finds the network but won’t let me on. What password does it want? The encryption key? The router admin password? Then it has a bunch of fields. I got the IP address and mask from the modem, but it won’t let me enter them. It will let me enter the DNS field but I have no idea what that is. I have no idea what the other labels DHCP, BOOIP, STATIC, Client ID, mean. Do I fill those? Are they autodetected? Where does the encryption key go? They are so many variables that it is hopeless trying to figure out where the problem(s) is.

    2. The thing drives me crazy by going into sleep in 30 seconds. I don’t see anywhere to change the sleep time.

    3. Why in the world don’t they have an indication light to let you know whether it is sleeping or off. I almost accidentaly drained the batter because it went black so it seemed to be off. How do I know whether it is really off?

    4. This morning I woke up and it wouldn’t turn on. I ready to try pushing the sleep and home buttons down for 20 seconds. It worked, but in the world is going on?

    5. I also want to read pdf and doc files. Itunes doesn’t show anywhere to put that sort of thing. The documentation doesn’t saying anything. Itunes is extremely annoying. It’s sole purpose seems to be to direct you to the Apple Store so you’ll buy more things.

    I’d appreciate any help.
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    1. Its looking for the encryption key to the network.
    2. go to settings/general/and look for autolock
    4. This happens to me somewhat often.
    5. You will have to jailbreak and download iFile to read them.
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    1. Grab a Laptop and connect to your router, what password do you use? It's the encryption key. Not admin password.

    2. Settings -> General -> Auto-Lock -> Never

    3. Also it's a lie that you drained your battery because of that. I've left my iPod on sleep for 12 Hours before and it drained MAX 10%.
    If you want to check if your iPod is in sleep mode, press the sleep/wake button and CHECK IT!

    4. Doesn't happen to me, your iPod could be malfunctioning.

    5. Go on Safari and you can VIEW PDF and DOC files.

    If you know computers very well, do you know a tool called Search on PDF files?

    Page 115, Solves your WiFi Issue
    Page 118, Solves Auto-Lock Issue
    Just Search PDF, and you get all sorts of Answers.

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