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    One of the main reasons Google decided to enter the wireless industry is it wants consumers to have more, better options for a wireless carrier. It hasn’t entered the industry yet, but it’s already had a major impact here in the US. Further proving that competition is always better for consumers, Verizon will open its network to other devices in 2008.

    As the most locked-down wireless service provider in the US, Verizon is the last company expected to make this move. Verizon is known to disable phone features, installing its proprietary OS on every non-smartphone offered.

    This isn’t the company’s first announcement describing plans to open the network. In September Arun Sarin, CEO of Vodafone, Verizon’s parent company, announced that when Verizon goes 4G, it will adopt the 4G GSM technology known as LTE, or Long Term Evolution. Currently, Verizon uses the CDMA standard, which provides for an advanced, reliable but very closed system. The GSM standard, on the other hand, is a more common standard around the world, and it also provides for easy methods of allowing unlocked handsets to connect. This is, unfortunately, not expected to happen until 2013, so what does Verizon have planned for next year?

    Early in 2008, according to CNN, it will publish technical standards for the development community. Any device that meets the minimum technical standards can be activated for the network. This includes everything from video game consoles, Google’s Andrioid handsets, refrigerators, cars, and maybe even the 3G iPhone expected next year. Sarin recently made it clear that he’d be willing to release the iPhone through his company but only when the device goes 3G.

    Yay!. we will soon be able to use the iPhone on the Verizon Wireless Network!

    Heres Another Post I Just Found:
    Arun Sarin, CEO of Vodafone, Verizon’s parent company, says iPhone sales can’t even get close to hurting Verizon’s numbers, criticizing Apple for making a 2G phone.

    In fact, according to the Electronista, he says that after Apple’s June 29th iPhone launch, it saw enough subscribers switch that Verizon’s porting ratios went negative for about two weeks, but they returned to normal right after. The same thing happened when Apple cut the price of the iPhone.

    Vodafone is so unfazed by the iPhone that they’re practically ignoring it in Europe, criticizing Apple’s decision to forgo 3G technology for the inferior 2G EDGE. Since many cell phone users are used to faster data connections in Europe as many places are saturated in HSDPA, Sarin believes the iPhone won’t make a significant impact against or for anybody. "When an HSDPA iPhone is available," says the CEO, "We would be interested in talking to Apple."

    Sounds like Vodafone’s calling out Apple to speed up 3G development, and, when the 3G iPhone hits next year, us unlucky/lucky Verizon subscribers may be touting Apple’s latest gadget. Until then, I’ll talk on my Q and listen to my Touch.

    Update: Apparently, Vodafone, Verizon’s parent company, is preparing to convert Verizon’s network into a 4G GSM standard known as LTE, or Long Term Evolution, which should be completed by 2013. Seeing as how the iPhone is a GSM device, it is becoming more and more likely that one day iPhone users will talk on Verizon’s network even if it takes a bit of unlocking to do so.
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    Hmmmm maybe its cause of my find hahah

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