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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by touch owner in AL, Jun 10, 2009.

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    Sorry if this has been said before, but I looked around some and didn't see it anywhere.

    So it seems that a new phone, or at least an upgraded one, comes out once a year. Last year was the 3G. Which was a big advantage over the previous edition. This year it is the 3GS. And we all know that the Apple/AT&T deal expires sometime in 2010. Does anyone else think this is why there wasn't more of an upgrade this year? That there are possibly plans in the works to make a version that will run on different 4G networks like Sprint and Verizon are going to have out soon?

    I think it makes sense. Do some hardware upgrades like larger memory, better camera, video capabilities, etc. But keep any major upgrades on the drawing board until the future is more certain?

    We all know Apple likes to update/upgrade every year or so with everything, but does this just seem too weird to anyone else?
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    Wow, so no one has anything to add? I was talking about this with some folks at work, since we have several with company iphones. It was actually their thoughts, not mine.

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