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    May 4, 2008
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    I checked around and did not see much mention of the verge acrylic case.

    I had a DLO acrylic case for my 1g that had a little kick stand that I really liked.

    For my 2g I was going to wait until I found something I really likes, but I decided not to temp fate so I picked up the only acrylic case I could find in the stores.

    I have had it for a few days and I must say that I really do rather like it. Its very thin and hold the bottom curve very nicely. Unlike the DLO is has recesses for the buttons instead of having them covered by pressable plastic buttons.

    The area for the volume controls is perfectly cut out.

    The only potential shortcoming is how easy the shell opens. The DLO took some effort and in the few times I dropped my 1g it never opened. I have a feeling that if I dropped the 2g that the shell would open. Even if it did it would still protect it from the initial shock.

    It also has an area on the back to attach a lanyard.

    I got it at Circuit City for $20us

    Now I just need to get some film for the screen to compete the protection.

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