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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Twinsen, Jun 19, 2009.

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    Not really sure how to title this, lol, but here's my issue.

    I'm a bit of an organization freak when it comes to my music. I have quite a bit of music and I have everything organized by Artist/Album/Genre/Soundtrack etc...I of course have all the ID3 tags properly labeled as well. So all of my normal tracks show up just as they should on my Touch, however, Various Artists listings don't show up as they should. Like the two that I am only working with for now are the Rock Band 1 and 2 soundtracks.

    The way I have my ID3 tags are simply...

    Artist = Various Artists
    Title = Actual Artist - Actual Track Title
    Album = Rock Band

    However, for one thing, when I load the songs in iTunes, it will list maybe 30 or so songs under Various Artists - Rock Band (which is what it SHOULD do) and then it tosses quite a few out into albums of their own. Then it also shows the Actual Artists instead of Various Artists. It just makes my iTunes album listing a big mess. I would show a screen shot of what I'm referring to, but my LogMeIn isn't working on any of my home PCs at the moment and I'm at work.

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    Also, not that it's a HUGE issue or anything, but when I do the Album listing on the Touch, and I look at Rock Band and Rock Band 2, it shows Blue Oyster Cult and A.F.I. as the artists, when it should say Various Artists. Any idea what I need to do to resolve this?

    I'm thinking about my future of organization when I have other Various Artists albums on my touch!

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    I'm an organization freak as well, lol I like to keep everything in order, now this is something I discovered by myself and many people ignore..
    press ctr-i over the song and go on info, in the ARTIST field you can fill the actual artist of the song, while in the ALBUM ARTIST field you can fill various artists, this way it will show the songs on the same album while it will also show them whith the corresponding artist when searching by artist, etc..
    hope it helps!!!
    and I'm glad I found someone as organized as me!!

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