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    -before anyone says anything, yes i searched and it was giving me completely unrelated threads (like this)-

    so i just jailbroke my ipod and apparently i'm supposed to stick my nes roms in /var/root/Media/ROMs/NES. my first question is how do i get to that?

    from the FAQ:
    1. Where is Media_sym/Mediaold/Oldmedia? or Where is the Applications folder?

    What the guides want you to do is put stuff in "/Applications" or some other folder. The reason you don't see "/Applications" is that you're not in the "/" folder. You start off in "/private/var/root". To get to /, go up a few directories by double-clicking ".." three times.

    how do you 'start off in "/private/var/root"'? is this somewhere on your computer or on the ipod?

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    i'm guessing you need ssh or ftp or sftp or winscp to do this, is that right?

    also.. do you need to be connected to wifi in order to do anything (like installing gpsphone or adding NES roms)? 'cos atm i don't have wifi in my house.

    k second question

    does touchcopy work for anything? i made a folder called ROMs/NES in the files section on touchcopy and stuck my roms in there like a thread said2do and it did pretty much nothing. :/

    any help is appreciated

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    (and if i sound like a complete noob about this stuff it's cos i am)
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    1) Ignore Media_sym, it is just a shortcut (that not every iPod has), and is unnecesary. /private/var/root is a directory on your iPod touch that you reach through SSH. It is just the default starting position, and you can get to Applications either by going up 3 directories, or just by typing /Applications into the directory bar.

    To get to /var/root/Media/ you need to SSH into your iPod and type that into the directory bar. In there you can make a folder called ROMs , then a folder in that folder called NES. That is where you put the roms.

    2) Just stay out of the touchcopy folder, there is nothing in there that you need to touch, it just contains all of the jailbreaking files. The ROMs go into the /var/root/Media/ROMs/NES folder (the last two folders you need to make yourself).

    I hope that this cleared things up. If not, shoot me a PM and I'll do my best to help.
    Yes, you need a wifi connection to put on ROMs and install gpSPhone because it require SSH, which works through your local network.

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