var/root folder not found, done with ZiPhone

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    Well I'm a noob, plain and simple. about the iPod touch. I do learn really quickly however and I'm definitely capable with a computer, its just information on jailbreaking a touch is scattered over the internet and hopefully this place can help me out a little.

    So i basically went with the first and foremost choice for my 32gb, ZiPhone. everything went as planned, but since i did this all at my friends house, when i came home (i dont have wifi at home) i decided i should get familiar with winSCP. but with no wifi, i resorted to iPhone browser and even totalcommander. Thing is, i cant find the "var" is not my root folder, it reads my ipod touch as "root" being the root folder.

    Ive heard about the Ziphone ibricker fix and added the source, installed blah blah but still no results. Does anyone know what to do?

    Attached is a screenie =]

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