Using bookmarklets as a phrase finder in stored documents

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by hamchoba, Oct 4, 2007.

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    Something to munch on as we await an exploit solution:

    I have been playing with bookmarklets recently. For those who aren't aware, bookmarklets are pieces of javascript which can be run directly from links in web pages or, ideally, from the bookmark menu itself. They can be synced by syncing the Touch with Safari for mac. For more info, go here:

    Very interesting way of grafting functionality into Safari for the Touch! Fantastic even by itself, especially when used while browsing this forum.

    One combination which I have found of great utility especially in the quest to make Safari a more advanced local access database is applying the "Find in this Page" javascript to XLS files. This discussion addresses the issue Hourog brought up here:

    It is absolutely possible to find terms within XLS files both taken wirelessly and stored locally on the Touch. This "find in page" implementation is somewhat buggy and has resulted in a few browser crashes, but it works. Also works with .DOC files too.

    The drawback of this method is that it merely highlights all occurrences of the search term, and does not Jump-To them, which still makes navigating large files impractical. Also unfortunately for me, this does not work with PDFs in any fashion, as the body of text it searches is the string is oftentimes made "null" for some reason, and the other times it retains this information, it won't highlight the terms searched (tried searching the W4 tax form without much luck).

    Once again, music and video be damned.

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