User Wallpaper and User Lock Background options broken

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Skyy, Jan 20, 2009.

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    well as the title days both, my UserWallpaper and User LockBackground options in Winterboard are half broken. They still do what they should but don't react to wallpaper changes.

    Example of the problem:

    When I installed Winterboard I've set wallpaper A and activated UserWallpaper and User LockBackground in Winterboard.

    Wallpaper A displays fine in Springboard and on the LockScreen.

    Then I wanted to haven a different lock screen then wallpaper so I SSH into my iPod and manually replaced the LockBackground.jpg in /Library/Themes/User Lock Background.theme. That worked as expected.

    Now I wanted to set Wallpaper B so I selected it from the Settings --> Wallpaper menu.

    Even after a respring Wallpaper A is still being displayed on both LockScreen and Desktop.

    So my only method for changing wallpapers is to manually move them into place with MobileFinder which is very annoying....

    Is there a fix for that? I'm running 2.2 btw on a 1G iPod Touch

    Thanks for help in advance!

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