Use of ipod Touch as a WLAN based webtool/PDA in an enterprise network.

Discussion in 'iPod touch in the Enterprise' started by ph2t, Mar 20, 2008.

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    Hey guys, wanted some input from people who have used their ipod touch onsite at a business or large campus network with wlan and webtool/pda funcion.

    Here's my scenario:

    I managed a team of IT techs at a large campus based network. The property manager also has a team of maintenance guys he manages. Both of us effectively have a team that is at times what you would consider a "mobile workforce" within the campus site itself.

    We have/currently deploying an IT jobs management system and a property management system. Both these systems will be used by the respective depts(IT and Maintenance) to manage jobs of the team members. These systems are delivered via the web. Browser requirements are lax, both systems work in NON-ACTIVEx/ASP based browsers (ie firesluts and african safari adventures). Given this the ipod touch looks to be a winner given the price point of such a device.

    We already have a very dense coverage 802.11A network which we use for the clients at the site (100+ AP's with 1000+ users). Obviosuly we can't use this for the ipod touch (unless someone has gotten 802.11A functionality out of the WLAN IC on the touch!!!) so we're trialling a large coverage based 802.11g network using external 12dbi omni antennas coupled with RF amps to get the coverage over the site.

    What I have noticed in my trials is that whilst one may design for great coverage over a site (0.5km radius) it's the DEVICE ITSELF and how good the antenna is that determines the success. Ie: a typical laptop with a 802.11a/b/g card will show signal strengh as 80% but the ipod touch will only show a strengh of 1 bar (very technical reading I know), I'm also using aplogger and stumber for the ipod to help detail the various signal strengh I get around the place.

    Has anyone else used the ipod touch in a similar scenario? Obviously long term we wil be using other devces. Managment and the executive would love to get their palm treo's, N95's, etc, etc to push email and calender stuff which we're keen to do. this scenario though will not work with external antenna outside of the buildings since the signal attenuation is too strong.

    Long term it looks like when we deploy out next gen wireless we will have to use multi band AP's that support both 802.11A and 802.11b/g (or even N, even though it's still not IEEE ratified, not till september) to get that coverage into the buildings....

    A long post I know, not for the kiddies on this forum, more for the professionals out there..........



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