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    Hi guys,

    This is my first post so excuse the n00byness

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    I am looking to use my iPod touch to show performance information on the screen, so I thought to my self... what I need is a program on the local machine and one on the Touch. So I set about making an application in Visual C# to send my computer's performance information over Telnet, the problem I have is I can't make my non-jailbroken iPod accept the Telnet connection. Does anyone else have any ideas? I am not adversed to creating programs in C#, but I do not own a Mac (

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    ) so I can't make an app for the platform.

    If you know of a system where I can get my iPod to do this I would be happy to have a go at making an program on the Windows Side to do some of the leg work and send over the necessary data.

    Gray Malkin
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    Don't worry guys I have fixed it. Using IIS and a program I made I have a auto updating webpage! w00t!

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