Use a non-microsoft theme without windowsblinds, or styleXP

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    Can someone tell me if my process works? :

    Ok, well you do need to download styleXP, and you do have to set a theme you like. That's as much as you need to do.

    Once styleXP is downloaded, pick Panther as the theme (or any really). Then right click anywhere on the desktop and choose "properties". Then on the "theme" tab it should say Panther is your theme, click "save as...", save this as "my favorite theme" and save to desktop (just cos it's easier).

    Then uninstall styleXP, you'll go back to the crappy blue windows xp theme, with the grass wallpaper.

    You officially have gotten rid of styleXP. BUT

    Double click on "my favorite theme" you saved earlier and you resort back to the theme, without ANY resources taken up, and without the .dll patch!

    If my process works, and has worked officially by getting rid of ALL styleXP components, then w00t? If my process is working but is still using styleXP components, oh well... You don't have to register or anything and get to keep a non-official ms theme.

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