[URGENT!] Windows Media Player Help!

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    Ok, so I made a (very) cheesy rap video for my Biology class (which is in 3 more periods, so help!), but there's a problem. It plays fine at my house, but then it does something very wierd on the school's computers.

    It will play nearly the whole video perfect, up until the last about 45 seconds. That's when it gives this error:
    What I don't understand is why it plays the whole video, but wont play the last 45 seconds? I also tryed playing with real player and got the same error.

    Anyone know how I can fix this? And since I'm on school computers, I wont be able to download anything.

    Is there some sort of mobile video player I can put on my jump drive that maybe I could put whatever I need in there and run off of that?

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    Come on Guys, somebody's gotta know some fix to this!

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