URGENT: Losing guarantee when jailbroken? U DON´T!!!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by SyRianFrey, Feb 8, 2008.

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    Hey there guys,

    I got some awesome news regarding this "you lose your guarantee when using jailbreak" blah blah. Here´s the story, don´t freak out in the middle, read the whole article first:

    I bought my iPodTouch 3 Weeks ago in Berlin and also choosed a premium guarantee for the iPod(5 years of guarantee by apple, 2 years of free battery exchange etc... / costs 70€ extra) and the iPod had some errors in the firmware, as I couldtn´t upload tracks via iTunes and losing the sync with iTunes, so I had to exchange the device again (brought it to the shop, they tried to upload tracks, it failed, they gave me a new one).

    So, the new one worked fine, but it came with FW 1.1.3. OOTB... narf... so I downgraded, jailbreaked blah blah until I finally had 1.1.2. jailbroken and ~10 apps on my iPod.

    Well, so far so good, but 1 week ago, my girlfriend went to shopping and I had to go with her

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    everyone knows this sucks ^^ so i played Physics the whole time, but suddenly the iPod freezed to death - the display was dark, iphysics was still running, but it
    shows no reaction anymore - I even wasn´t able to restart that damn thing... ARGh...

    When I came home, it connected it to iTunes... no reaction... even the battery wasn´t charging... OMG !!! Heartbeat @ 200... what the hell is going on, I tought.... sh*t sh*t sh*t..

    So I wondered, what will my dealer say, when I bring in an inoperatible jailbroken iPod, 14 days after they replaced it for the first time... but yeah, what should I do? I decided to give it a try... So I went to the shop again, they tried to start up the iPod, nothing happens... okay, they´ll send it to apple for exchange and bla... umpf... U can imagine I was really nervous ... Had I lost 400 € in 3 weeks?

    finally, yesterday the shop gave me a call, I should come along, its regarding my iPod... oh f***.. so as i arrived, I couldn´t believe my eyes, they simply replaced the iPod, I got a brandnew one.... no questions, nothing... simply just a brandnew iPod.. YEEEHHAAAA!!!

    Very funny that the new one had 1.1.1 installed, so by now it´s alreay jailbroken again

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    So, what´s the reason that apple exchanged a jailbroken iPod, when I loose my guarantee when jailbroken? I think there are 3 possibilities:
    1. Even apple wasn´t able to start it again, so they just had a quick view on my iPod and said, ah, who cares, just exchange... (very implausible)
    2. the Apple engineers just fell in love and didn´t cared for the jailbreak, cuz the wohle world is pink right now ^^ (much more implausible)
    3. maybe Apple is more fair to their customers as they want to confess... I have no idea what happened. I´m only absolute happy with the whole process, maybe I´m the luckiest guy for one day

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    So, my question is now, is there someone else, who brought in an jailbroken iPodTouch to apple for repairs or exchange? Do you have any ideas what happened in my case?
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    or 4 option, they look at it didn't turn on first attempt they put it on the to fix pile and picked up a fixed one and sent it back.(most plausible)

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