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    I have tmobile and I can get an upgrade. I think I'm on the FamilyTime Plan if it matters.
    My parents won't pay for any additional charges like 3G.

    I want:

    3.5 mm headphone jack
    Android OS
    homebrew stuffz (android market I think?)
    If possible android 2.1
    triband (this is a must :| )
    Wifi built in.. like ipod touch, so no 3G or anything
    The speakers should be pretty good

    So right now my 3 choices are MyTouch, CLIQ, or Behold2.
    I'm lost :| All 3 cost 150$, which is fine for me. Last week I was pretty sure the MyTouch is the way to go, but then I found out it only has dualband.. I might still consider it if it has some huge advantages I missed though.
    And yea, I have no clue about the homebrew scene with phones :|

    So help me out here.. (Oh and don't recommend the G1, I don't like it at all..Nexus one won't work either since I get no rebate)

    ALSO, I heard a LOT of rumors about new tmobile phones coming out this month... Would I be able to upgrade to those phones as well?

    tl;dr what tmobile phone should I get?
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    iPhone 4 (Black)
    dunno if iphone counts but i got my iphone from tmobile lol

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