upgrading graphics, need help!!

Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by Touchnoob0211, Jul 25, 2008.

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    OK so heres my computer. its kind of bottom line, but it could do alot more if it had a good graphics card i think.


    now this is what i would like to get, one because it looks to be a pretty good card, and second ill get cod4 with it.


    from the specs, would this card work with my computer?

    my main question is will it run cod4 smoothly.

    if you have any suggestions on any cards, i am on a low budget, i dont want to spend more than 150$.
    my power supply is only 250 watts :/
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    I'd go for this card over your choice. It's a better card and cheaper. With any of these big cards, you're going to need a bigger, better PSU. I'd get another gig of RAM too, for Vista if anything. I find Vista runs perfectly if it's on a good machine. It hasn't crashed once for me and it's ran everything I've thrown at it. People put it on an underpowered machine and label it as crap because it's unresponsive. To be fair, that's because people put "Vista Ready" stickers onto computers that simply aren't. Yours should be fine, but as I said, an extra gig of RAM would really help.

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