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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by themichael, Sep 13, 2009.

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    Hi everybody!

    My name is Michael and this is my first post.I have made an awful mistake , but I have realized a little bit too late

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    This was my situation:
    -A friend brought me a 3G Iphone from the States.
    - I was using it with one of those turbo sim cards..no jailbreak.
    -I was using Itunes with the Iphone in airplane mode...otherwise error message for the SIM card.

    This is what I did
    -I wanted to install a couple of apps , but I got an error in Itunes that my firmaware was too old, so I upgraded to 3.1

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    This is my current status:
    -After the upgrade, I have the screen where I see the USB connector and the Itunes icon and can only make emergency calls.
    -Itunes gives the error message for the SIM card...but now I cannot put it in
    airplane mode, so I cant really do anything with it

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    I tried to do a restore , but then again I go to the same point where I see the screen to make emergency calls... I have tried to installed other firmware , but I get error and I am not sure which direction to take.

    Any ideas or help is more than welcome.

    Thanks a lot!

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