unlocking through fido?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by gookie_cookie, Sep 9, 2009.

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    hey u guys might remember me from the ipod touch/girlfriend issue a few months back lol, sorry for my rudeness, and yes if ur wondering i worked things out and just formatted the drive. all is forgiven and her and i are just friends now lol well sorta...

    ok so anyways, i got an iphone 3g from FIDO, now i didnt really wanna get the contract on it since they are such rip offs, so i was wondering it says to insert sim in order to actually get pass the slide screen.

    i know alot of people just do this trick, order and never activate it, but use it for other things or another cheaper plan that runs on a different sim.

    so i was wondering how do i get pass this "insert sim screen"? i just really want the phone. i know its not a physical issue inside the phone, its a software thing.

    thanks alot!!!

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