Unlocking 1st iPhone and then Using At&t sim leads to auto data plan?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by EspEclipse9, Feb 8, 2009.

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    I was looking through google searches, and I read that if you unlock your 1st gen iPhone, then put a At&t sim without a data plan on it, you automatically get detected as in iPhone and a data plan will automatically be placed on your contract. Is this true?
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    No this is not true from what i have heard. But if you dont have a data plan you will get charged for data based on usage. Even if you dont use the internet or email on the phone you will get charged. It uses the data for stuff like the visual voice mail and other features. Things you cannot control unless you install the bosspreffs tool from Cydia. This will let you turn off the EDGE or EDGE/3G options. This will prevent unwanted data charges.
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    No. The only possible way they would know is if you dialed 611 from your iPhone to contact at&t. Otherwise there is no way of them knowing.

    If you wish to prevent data usage from occurring, the easiest and fool proof way is to call at&t and have them block all data from your current phone (sim card). Then once you switch your sim card to the iPhone, you will not have to worry about turning off edge. Your data will already be blocked

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    Otherwise as stated, you will need to jailbreak your iPhone and install BossPrefs from Cydia in order to turn off Edge/3G.

    At&t does specifically state in their website that if they do determine you are using an iPhone without a data plan, they will automatically add the plan to your contract. However, simply swapping sim cards will not alert them to this.

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