unlimited iphone music! gasp

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    Steve Jobs Back To Being A Fan Of DRM In iPhone 'Bundle'?
    from the let's-pretend-we're-bundling-music... dept
    This has been rumored for some time, but the Financial Times is reporting that Apple is trying to negotiate with the record labels for a new offering that would provide access to music as a bundle with an iPhone. The idea is that you could buy the iPhone and get "unlimited" access to music, either in a lump sum or with a subscription fee. Of course, there are some rather important caveats. While this would get a lot of attention, you only get access to the music for the lifetime of the device or subscription (if you didn't pay a lump sum). While there's a small concession that you'd get to keep 40 to 50 songs after the device died or the subscription ended, you'd lose the rest of the songs. In other words, despite Steve Jobs' supposed dislike for DRM, this music would be quite DRM'd. Limited subscription plans have been around for ages and they've never gone very far because of those limitations. People know better by now, and so should Steve Jobs.

    from techdirt.com
    this is for iphone's not ipot's as far as i can see. this sucks cause im not buying a new ipot. Sorry if this has been posted before but i havn't seen it on here yet and yes i searched
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