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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Nothinbeter2do, Apr 12, 2009.

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    2G iPod touch
    Hey guys,

    My iPod Touch had been acting weird recently. Some of the music just wasn't playing and just getting skipped. So I took all the music of and tried to re-sync it. And what do you know? A beautiful error. Attempting to copy to the disc "iPod" failed. An unknown error occurred (-54), to be exact.

    So I've tried syncing it with a different computer but that didn't work. I used DiskAid to manually remove the music that was possibly corrupted. The last thing I want to do it have to restore. So that's my last resort.
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    OK, don't freak out, you or the computer has deleted the iTunes.plist file that is required for the iPod Touch 2g to notice that the files on it are there, the only way to fix it is to restore your ipod touch... READ THIS SECOND>>>>>>

    Go to /var/mobile/media/itunes_control/iTunes and see if you have all of these little files that have .plist, .sidb, and one or two more types, if you don't have them, then you will have to restore

    I personally use DiskAid, but to save all of your apps, go to your root and copy the Applications folder, then go to /var/mobile/Applications, and you will see all of these folders with random codes, copy every single one, because if you copy the folder, it will leave some out.
    If you want to save your music, go to /var/mobile/Media/Itunes_Control/Music and copy those folders...
    I have tried to figure out a way to save videos, but at the moment i can't decrypt their codes for them.

    If all else fails, or you aren't able to restore, then e-mail me at Coomcman2@gmail.com

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