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Discussion in 'Application Ideas' started by Nawaaz91, Jul 1, 2008.

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    thus is probably too much a stretch, but anyways would a universal remote as an iPod touch/iPhone work? I saw a video on engadget where they converted an older gen iPod into a remote with the use of a program on a computer and if course some extra device,but it still worked. Of course it woudlnt be just an application, but could it work in a similar manner like how we got Voip and Skype to work using external devices?

    I'll try to get the video i saw posted
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    Sorry, I can't copy and paste links cuz I'm on my touch and I didn't download the package with the extra options to copy and paste.
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    im sure this has been covered recently, search before posting

    we have access to the serial ports inthe iphone/ipod, so if you can find a simple infrared transmitter that connects by serial cable, and you have the dock/serial breakout, you could write an app to operate it

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